Until October 16th 2023


It is for the benefit of all to create a colorful and safer school environment.


We invite you to support the 2nd donation of Paint Bank initiative, in which with 100 liters of Vitex with VAIRO paint we can protect the students and the educational staff of Public Schools affected by floods in Thessaly, Greece.


Vitex is committed that for each 100 liters donation, it will offer 100 liters more, thus doubling the total quantity.

I want to become a Paint Donor.


    Terms of participation


    “VITEX SA”, situated in Imeros Topos, Aspropyrgos with VAT number 094030692 and General Electronic Commercial Registry Number 113357952000 (hereinafter referred to as “Vitex“) announces the first Project of “Paint Bank” – an initiative by Vitex aimed at raising awareness of private enterprises on social contribution – which consists of offering the antiviral paint “Vitex with Vairo”, produced by Vitex, in public schools in Greece (hereinafter, the “Project“). The participation in the Project is governed by the following terms:

    1. Suppliers cooperating with Vitex have the right to participate in the Project.
    2. Each company has the right to participate in the Project once (1) with the following limited amount of money.
    3. The deadline for participation in the Project is October 16, 2023.
    4. The application for participation in the Project can be made either by a reply email to the invitation email, phone at +30210-5589400 or via the official website of the “Paint Bank” Initiative by filling in the personal data in the relevant participation form (company name, first name, VAT number, telephone number and e-mail) and click on the “SEND” button.
    5. Submitting the participation form in the above way is equivalent to the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the participating company.
    6. Upon receipt of the application for participation in the Project, Vitex will proceed with a one-time invoicing of the company for an amount of one thousand (1000) euros, including VAT. which will correspond to one hundred (100) liters of the antiviral paint “Vitex with Vairo” produced by Vitex (National Organization of Medicines License No. 90167/4-10-2021). The value of this invoice will be legally paid by the company to Vitex.
    7. Vitex undertakes to double the liters of antiviral paint “Vitex with Vairo” which will have been collected until 16/10/2023, based on the aforementioned invoices of the companies participating in the Project, while the total amount of antiviral paint “Vitex with Vairo” that will result after the above doubling by Vitex will be offered free of charge to public schools in Thessaly, Greece. The selection of the public schools that will be beneficiaries of this donation belongs exclusively to Vitex and will be made according to the needs of the public schools at the suggestion of the competent public bodies and in accordance with the conditions set by the relevant legislation on donations.
    8. For its participation in the Project, the name or logo of the company will be posted on the above-mentioned website of the “Paint Bank” Initiative, where the company will be referred to as a “Paint Donor” in the context of this Project.
    9. Vitex reserves the right to publish the Project in the media, print and electronic, as well as in its own corporate forms and media without any obligation to the participants, financial or other.
    10. The procedure described above, as well as the observance of the terms of participation in the Project, shall be audited and certified in writing by the independent company “Grant Thornton SA, Certified Auditors and Business Consultants” (General Electronic Commercial Registry Νο. 121548701000).
    11. The identification data of the companies participating in the Project collected by Vitex, in so far as they constitute personal data, shall be retained and archived by Vitex solely for the purpose of this Project, unless Vitex reserves the right to process them under other legal processing basis (eg commercial cooperation relationship).
    12. Additional information or clarifications regarding these terms and the Paint Bank shall be provided by Vitex at +30210-5589500.
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